Wrapping up "The Basics"

OK, so that pretty much covers all the basics for Google Classroom. With that, we did cover a lot of information. If this is your first time using Google Classroom, or you are just looking for some direction on where to get started, here's my recommendation:

  1. First, get all your students enrolled in your Classroom. Once they are all enrolled, use Google Classroom as your method to post the daily agenda. Getting into the habit of regularly posting to Google Classroom and having the students check it will be key to your success.
  2. Next, create a Topic on the Classwork page with links to your favorite websites and resources that you'll want the kids to access. Refer to that often during class and continually remind students about it so they refer to that topic for more information
  3. Once you have the students regularly checking Classroom for the daily plan and to access online resources, start using it more for communication. Post some class questions or encourage online discussions. The key is to get them in Classroom regularly and to find it to be a useful place for them to extend their learning beyond the physical space of your school.
  4. From there, you can take it in whichever direction you want. Post assignments, create quizzes, and communicate. Your students and parents will thank you!

In the next section, we are going to dive a little deeper into some features and use case scenarios for Google Classroom. Before we get there, take this quick assessment to earn your Google Classroom Novice badge.

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